I answer here some of the most frequently asked quetsions:

1 – Is organic eating healthier?

Organic foods are generally more nutritious in vitamins and minerals. Organic foods are not protected from external aggressions like insects, fungus and so are generally more rich in antioxidants.

Organic products are less refined and contain fewer additives than processed products. Organic products contain a majority of the additives that are natural. Simpler lists of ingredients are found with at least 95% organic products.

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Organic food is food that hasn’t been treated with pesticides and other chemicals. This makes it healthier for us.

2 – Do organic foods reduce pesticide residues?

Numerous scientific studies conducted by both health and agricultural organizations have shown that organic products contain less pesticide residues and nitrates than those from conventional agriculture.

How Organic Is Better For The Environment?

Pesticide residues are 20 times more common in food from intensively farmed foods than organic. Moreover, the residues found in organic agriculture come mostly from environmental pollution (air or neighbor in conventional agriculture).

3 – Is it a pleasure to eat organic food?

Because organic food is subjective, it can be difficult to prove that it tastes better than conventional foods. We get a better taste with fruits and vegetables. They are often harvested later than conventional agriculture, so they have more time for their natural aromas to be concentrated.

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Organically grown products are more water-efficient, have higher levels of vitamins and minerals, and can be grown in open areas.

4 – Does Organic eating mean respecting the environment?

Organic agriculture uses less pesticides than chemical fertilizers to protect the environment. The latter can actually cause soil erosion by making it less compact and reducing biodiversity.

Organic agriculture uses organic vegetable or animal matter as the majority of the treatments. This is better for the soil than using chemical fertilizers. Organic farming also uses less water by using locally-adapted varieties that are less water-hungry.

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Organic farming is therefore a way to minimize the impact of crops on the environment and preserve biodiversity.

5 – Is organic food more expensive?

Organic products tend to be more expensive than the average. This can be explained by the higher labor and time requirements, as well as lower yields from non-use chemicals.

Organic eating is different from eating conventionally. It is possible to cut down on meat, fish, and other products that can increase the price of your shopping cart. We can reduce our food expenses by eating more seasonal fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals.

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One tip: In organic stores, bulk purchases can be used to cut costs and use less packaging.

Most Frequently Asked Quetsions about Organic Eating