Although it is more common in older men, erectile dysfunction can also occur in young men. There are many possible causes, from nerve and circulatory disorders to psychological issues. There are ways to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Potency problems can occasionally occur but they are not to be considered a cause of concern. Erections may temporarily stop occurring for a variety of reasons. Stress, psychological psychological tension, and acute illnesses are all possible reasons why erections temporarily fail. Experts refer to erectile dysfunction as erectile dysfunction, or erectile impotence, when a man cannot erection properly.

These Factors are often responsible for Impotence

It is common to experience impotence, particularly in older age groups. More than half of men aged 60-70 suffer from impotence, according to estimates. Erectile dysfunction can also occur at any age, whether you are 40 or 30.

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Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the following symptoms: The man may be sexually stimulated, but the penis doesn’t become erect enough or the erection doesn’t last long enough for him to experience satisfying sex. Then, sexual intercourse is impossible or almost impossible.

Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed by doctors only if the problem persists for more than six months. Erectile dysfunction can have a major impact on your quality of life, both for the man and his partner.

What happens during an Erection

Two paired penile corpora Cavernosa are found inside the penis. They consist of smooth muscle as well as spongy tissue. The smooth muscles relax when a man sexually stimulated. When a woman sexually stimulated, the smooth muscle relaxes.

The swelling causes the blood vessels that carry the blood back to the heart to become clogged. Congested blood cannot drain and is unable to flow. This causes an erection, where the penis becomes stiffened and straightens up.

The right Diagnosis

It is important to identify the cause of erectile dysfunction before you can treat it. Talking with the doctor can give you an initial indication of possible causes. patient and the doctor. Many people affected find it difficult to talk openly about their sexuality. To get to the root of erectile dysfunction, you need to know certain facts. It is possible to include your partner in the conversation if necessary.

The doctor will also ask about any previous illnesses and lifestyle details. The doctor will ask when and how the erection problems started. It’s helpful to determine if the patient experiences spontaneous erections at night or morning. This could indicate that there is a psychological reason for the problem.

A urologist is the first to contact for erectile problems. However, your family doctor can also be helpful. Doctors from other specialties may be consulted depending on the suspected cause.

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What are the Causes Behind Erectile Dysfunction and How Can Eroxel Help You?
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