Glucomannan, also known as Asian devil’s mouth, is a water-soluble dietary fibre that has been extracted from the konjac roots. Glucomannan was originally used to thicken food, gel it, and in food production. Numerous studies have shown that glucomannan can have many beneficial effects on the human body. Konjac root’s dietary fiber has a positive impact on blood cholesterol levels. It lowers the “evil” LDL cholesterol as well as dangerous triglycerides. Additionally, glucomannan stimulates metabolism and has a stabilizing affect on blood sugar. This can help with healthy weight loss.

Glucomannan is a Natural aid for Weight Loss

You will be convinced that glucomannan is a miracle weight loss aid when you see the well-documented benefits. Konjac root fiber can accelerate weight loss and support your health. Research shows that glucomannan can help you lose an average of 350g per week, even when nothing else has changed. This is 1.4 kg per month! What causes this effect? Why is glucomannan so effective in weight loss? We’ll tell ya.

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Glucomannan is a Satiator

As we have already said, glucomannan (or konjac root dietary fiber) is the main ingredient. They can be swollen with water and other liquids to increase their volume by tenfold. by a factor ten. This increases the feeling of satisfaction. You will feel fuller if you eat a smaller amount of glucomannan than usual. The best part is that this feeling of satisfaction lasts longer than a regular meal. This alone makes glucomannan an excellent companion to any diet.

Glucomannan curbs Hunger and prevents Cravings

Mahidol University, Thailand has found that glucomannans can reduce appetite by positively influencing ghrelin levels. Ghrelin, a hormone, plays an important part in the body’s hunger-satiety system. Ghrelin levels in blood are related to appetite. The desire to eat decreases if the level of ghrelin drops. In their research, the researchers found that glucomannan intake leads to a decrease of ghrelin. It remains low for many hours. You can keep your appetite under control by taking glucomannan.

Dietary fiber also has a stabilizing effect that lowers blood sugar levels. This keeps us fuller for longer. These features make glucomannan an effective tool against cravings, as it reduces appetite on a hormonal basis.

Glucomannan binds Fat

However, glucomannans can not only bind water but also fats. When glucomannans take with meals, they absorb a significant amount of the fats in the food. contained. Like a sponge, the glucomannan absorbs and bonds dietary fats to prevent them from being absorbed by intestinal mucosa. The stool simply excretes the fats, so they do not settle on the stomach or hips. Regular intake of glucosemangann helps to reduce fat absorption.

Glucomannan is good for Digestion and healthy Intestinal Flora

Another benefit of glucomannan’s positive effects on digestion is also present. Like other dietary fibres, glucomannans cause intestinal swelling and improve bowel movement. Improved bowel movement through stimulation of the intestinal muscles. Consuming glucomannan is especially effective in constipation cases. The glucomannans reduce the time taken for food to travel through the intestinal tract and aid in elimination. Supplemental fiber can also benefit the intestinal flora. Because glucomannans are food for beneficial intestinal bacteria, they can help build a healthy intestinal environment.

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Glucomannan is a powerful Antioxidant that can help strengthen your Immune System

Glucomannans have a positive effect on the immune system. They increase the strength of white blood cells which protect the body from unwanted invaders as well as fight off viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. Because it increases endogenous antioxidants, glucomannan may also help to reduce cell damage from oxidative stress. Glucomannan can be beneficial for the immune system as well as all of our cells.

Glucomannan for colorectal Cancer Prevention

Research has shown that glucomannan can reduce the activity of an enzyme called B-glucuronidase. B-glucuronidase, an enzyme that is responsible for increasing the likelihood of developing colorectal carcinoma, may be increased. Glucomannan may play an important role in the prevention and treatment of colon cancer.

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